À La Carte Menus - Eunice Power Outside Catering Company, Ireland.

"Our philosophy requires that everything is handmade with care and attention, from the best and freshest raw ingredients."

*Prices are based on a minimum number of 100 guests

Our menus change with the seasons and are based on the very best local, free range, organic (where possible) produce available. We only use wild, Irish sustainable fish from reputable local sources. Our meat and poultry is free range, and comes from higher welfare, low yield farms. Our salads and vegetables come from Eunice's garden, and small local growers.

Canapés & Drinks Receptions

Drinks receptions lift the spirits, letting the fun begin and conversations flow! Canapés are a wonderful welcome for your guests, helping the drinks to slip down and taking the edge off hunger for those who have travelled or who have run out of time to eat before the big event.

  • Salmon gravlax - salmon cured with beetroot and Bertha's Revenge gin, served on blinis with crème fraiche, pea shoots, honey mustard and dill dressing. (1,3,7,10)
  • Pan fried ginger and chicken cakes with coriander sauce.(GF, 3)
  • Beetroot and Feta cakes with cardamom yoghurt. (V, 7)
  • Cashel Blue cheese on little oatcakes with poached pear. (1,7)
  • Three cheese arancini with spicy tomato sauce. (GF)
  • Helvic crab claws with aioli (supplement). (GF, 3)
  • Warm tarts with onion marmalade, Feta cheese and thyme. (V,1,3,7)
  • Cocktail sausages with apple chutney or local honey and wholegrain mustard. (GF,10)
  • Avocado and goats cheese cream, with roast cherry tomato on crostini. (V,1,7)
  • Deep fried crab cakes with lime mayonnaise.( 1,2,3,4)
  • Insalata Caprese on a stick, buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and Parmesan. (GF, V, 7)
  • Little Yorkshire puddings with rare roast beef and horseradish cream. (1,3, 7)
  • Chicken satay skewers with a crunchy peanut sauce. (GF, 5)
  • Beef crouqettas with mustard cream. (1,3,7,10)
  • Pan fried prawns with chilli and ginger butter . (GF, 2)
  • Harty's oysters with lemon and lime juice. (GF, 14)

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To Start

Bring me food' sharing style is a wonderful way to break the ice and for guests to relax, chat and really enjoy themselves. For this we suggest that you choose two starters from our selection below which will be brought to the table on oyster stands, for guests to help themselves.

‘Bring Me Food' Selection - choose one dish from each section

Section A

  • Potted smoked salmon pate cucmber jelly and toasted sourdough (1,4,7)
  • Smokies - bubbling pots of smoked haddock in a white wine cream with spinach tomato,vintage cheddar and buttered breadcrumb (served hot). (1,4,7)
  • Chicken liver pâté with Cox's Pippin apple jelly. (GF, 7)
  • Ballycotton smoked salmon with pickled cucumber and melba toast. ( 4)
  • Ardsallagh goats cheese and beetroot mousse with beetroot crisps.(GF, V, 7)
  • Pork, pistachio and apricot terrine with Eunice's plum chutney. (GF, 8)
  • Homemade beetroot gravlax with honey, mustard and dill sauce. (GF, V, 10)
  • Crab crème brulee with pickled cucumber and melba toast served in individual pots. (supplement). (1,2,3,7)
  • Crab with a mild pickled ginger, chilli and coriander mayonnaise on Helvick Stout bread (supplement) (1,2,3,7)
  • Baked Cashel Blue cheese cake with apple and beetroot salad (served hot). (V, 3,7)
  • Smoked duck, orange, fig, watercress and hazlenut salad (Autumn). (GF, 8)

Section B

  • Roast aubergine with saffron yoghurt, pine nuts, pomegranate seeds and coriander. (V,GF,7,8)
  • Classic Caesar salad with crispy cured ham, Parmesan shavings and garlic croutons. (1,3,4)
  • Roast butternut squash with lime, green chilli, lots of coriander, with tahini and yoghurt dressing.(V,GF,7,11)
  • Salad of peaches, crispy Parma ham, Parmesan, pine nuts and Summer leaves. (GF,8)
  • Cashel Blue cheese, poached pears, walnuts and spinach.(V,7,8)
  • Toonsbridge mozzarella, nectarines, crispy chorizo and rocket. (GF,7)
  • Roast red and golden beetroot, goats cheese, roast hazelnuts and dressed Summer leaves. (GF,V,7,8)
  • Little gem , crisp apple, roast almond ,creamy goats cheese and wild garlic dressing (April and May).(GF,V,7,8)
  • Heirloom Tomato, West Cork mozzarella, basil, crispy chorizo (Summer months).(GF,7)

Little cups of seasonal soup

Little cups of seasonal soup can be served to each guest in addition to the ‘Bring me food' starters.

Sorbet (V,GF)

We offer a selection of refreshing sorbets to cleanse the palate between the starter and main course.

  • Redcurrant
  • White peach and fresh tarragon
  • Blood orange
  • Rhubarb and ginger
  • Lemon and fresh basil
  • Blackwater Gin and tonic
  • Mango and Passion fruit sorbet

Main Course

Whatever time of year your wedding falls, we plan your menu with you based on ingredients which are at their peak in that season. Whether it's light Summer greens to accompany a perfect piece of fish, or a rich warming sauce on a cold Winter day, we endeavour to ensure that your guests enjoy the best produce each season has to offer.

Below are some suggestions of seasonal accompaniments:

Beef: Local Black Angus, dry aged for a minimum for 21 days for maximum flavour and texture.

Roast Sirloin
Creamy potato mash, watercress and Burgundy jus (GF,9)

Roast Fillet
Potato and Celeriac puree, red onion confit and béarnaise sauce (GF, 3)

Jacobs ladder
Slow cooked for 5 hours, served with Burgundy jus and sweet potato mash (GF, 9)

Lamb: Our lamb is supplied by ‘Stormin' Norman' (Norman Reid from Lough Erne). The meat is dry aged for 10 days resulting in wonderfully flavoured and tender lamb.

French trimmed rack
With parsley and mint breadcrumbs, baby roast potatoes, purple sprouting broccoli (Summer) (1)

Slow cooked shank
With rosemary and redcurrant jus, celeriac and potato mash (Winter)(1,9)

Butterflied Leg
Marinated with garlic, lemon and rosemary, served family style with classic salsa verde (Spring) (GF,4,10)

Rubbed with Persian spices, cooked slowly for five hours, served with pistachio, apricot and herb tabbouleh and pomegranate molasses. Accompanied by fattoush, roast baby potatoes with sumac and za'atar. (Autumn) (1,8)

Duck: Free range Skeganore duck from West Cork

Crispy confit legs
Slow cooked in duck fat, served with Puy lentils and chorizo (Winter) (GF,9)

Roast half duck
With sage, apricot and pistachio with an orange and thyme infused jus (Autumn) (GF,8)

Pork : Our pork is supplied by John David Power in Dungarvan. John David prepares and cures all his own pork and bacon in low salt brine allowing the true flavour to emerge

Braised Belly
Served in a rich glaze with whole grain mustard mashed potato and crackling (Winter) (GF,10)

Slow cooked shoulder of pork with lemon sage garlic, thyme and rosemary served with gremolata, olive oil cannellini beans (GF,9)

Fish : We use sustainable, wild Irish fish from nearby Helvic Bay where possible.

Wild Blackwater Salmon POA
Served with grilled asparagus, baby potatoes, classic hollandaise sauce

(available from 1st May until 1st September) (GF, 3,4,7)

Banrty Bay Farmed Salmon
Served with chive Hollandaise and roast Ballygunner tomatoes (Spring) (GF,3,4,7)

Helvic Cod
Served with chorizo & chickpea stew, wilted spinach (Winter) (GF,9)

Pan fried and served with wilted lettuce and lemon beurre blanc ( Summer)(GF,7)

Roasted, served puy lentils and chanterelles ( Autumn)(GF,7,9)

Roasted with light curry spices, served with Spring greens & saffron aioli (Spring)(GF,3,7)

Chicken: Corn fed, free range chicken from Bertram Salter in County Carlow.

Roast chicken
with pea, mint, crispy bacon in a beurre blanc, with wilted little gem lettuce (Spring/summer) (GF,7)

Roast chicken
with porcini mushrooms, balsamic vinegar, and cranberries (Winter)

Vegetarian: We cater for vegetarian and vegans as a silent option based on the best seasonal ingredients available.

Sample selection:

Baked Butternut squash with caponata and Ardsallagh goats cheese. ( Autumn) (GF, V, 7)

Roasted aubergine with feta cheese and almond stuffing, roast pepper and chilli sauce. ( Summer) (GF,V,7,8)

Braised rissoles with black beans, butternut squash, roast garlic, romesco sauce. ( Winter) (V,8)

Aubergine, chickpea, mushroom and apricot tagine, lots of coriander and toasted almonds with apricot and pistachio tabbouleh.( Spring) (V,8)

If you wish to have a choice of two main courses there would be a supplement. However, we can offer a silent option at no extra charge. This is a main course which is available but not on the menu.

All main courses are served with seasonal greens and potatoes


The main course hot and cold options can be mixed and matched, offering a selection of three main course dishes and five side and salad dishes

Hot Main Course Buffet Options

  • BBQ butterflied leg of leg of lamb with mint yoghurt sauce. (GF, 7)
  • Slow roast shoulder of lamb with Persian spices with pomegranate molasses (GF)
  • Rare roast beef, carved in front of the guests with watercress and mustard sauce. (GF, 10)
  • Roast chicken with saffron, hazelnuts and honey. (GF, 8)
  • Roast salmon with roast red pepper aioli. (GF, 3,4, 7)
  • Italian chicken, with Parmesan and grain mustard and cherry tomatoes on the vine. (GF,7,10)

Cold Main Course Buffet Options

  • Thinly sliced roast beef, cooked to order with horseradish crème fraîche and a selection of mustards (GF,7,10)
  • Tandoori chicken salad with mango & coriander.(GF)
  • Smoked or green ham with wholegrain mustard. (GF, 10)
  • Vietnamese chicken salad. (GF, 4,5,8)
  • Chicken and pork terrine with apricots, spinach and pistachio nuts.(GF,8)
  • Chicken salad with spinach, bacon, green beans, mango and toasted almonds.(GF,8)
  • Poached darnes of salmon with lemon and dill crème fraîche and slow roast lemon. (GF,4,7)

Sides & Salads Buffet Options (choose 5)

  • Roast baby potatoes with garlic, rosemary and Maldon salt (hot) (V,GF)
  • Gratin dauphinois (hot) (V,GF,7)
  • Creamy mashed potato (V,GF,7)
  • Roast aubergine with walnut, pomegranate and coriander salsa (V,GF,8)
  • Roast vegetable cous cous with lots of soft herbs (V)
  • Roast pepper and plum tomato salad with lots of basil and pine nuts (V,GF,8)
  • Bulgar and cauliflower tabbouleh with red onion, pomegranate molasses and sweet spices (V)
  • Green bean, mange tout, roast hazelnut and orange salad (V,GF,8)
  • Seasonal potato salad (V,GF)
  • Broccolini and sweet sesame salad (V,GF,11)
  • Beluga lentils with tomatoes,Cashel blue, parsley, chervil, chives and dill (V,GF,7)
  • Seasonal leaves with balsamic dressing (V,GF)
  • Fattoush (V,GF)
  • Winter slaw with seeds and cranberries (V,GF,3,7)
  • Tuscan caponata salad (V,GF)
  • Chickpea, garlic and herb salad (V,GF)
  • Tomato, cucumber, red onion, Feta , Kalamata olives, olive oil and flat leaf parsley (V,GF,7)
  • Homemade coleslaw (V,GF,3,7)
  • Spiced chickpea Salad (V,GF)
  • Oven roast beetroot and apple with horseradish crème fraîche (V,GF,7)
  • Roast butternut squash with red onions pomegranate molasses and pumpkin seeds(V,GF)


These are some seasonal suggestions.

  • Vanilla and rhubarb Crème Brûlée with shortbread biscuits (V,1,3,7)
  • Rosewater and pistachio Pavlova with whipped cream, lemon curd, toasted almonds and mint (V,GF,3,7,8)
  • Autumn fruit crumble with cinnamon ice cream (V,1,3,7)
  • Chilled lemon soufflé, raspberries, whipped cream and shortbread biscuits (V,1,3,7)
  • Summer pudding with crème fraîche and cherries (V,1,7)
  • Chocolate and cream cheese brownies with vanilla cream and raspberries (GF,7)
  • Sticky toffee and date pudding with warm toffee sauce, Salted caramel ice cream (V,1,7)
  • Chocolate and orange pots with biscotti (V,7)
  • Vanilla Pavlova with summer berries and white chocolate sauce (V,GF,7)
  • Eton mess crushed meringues, whipped cream raspberries and strawberries (V,GF,3,7)
  • Lemon Tart with berries and cream (V,1,3,7)
  • Valrhona chocolate tart with malted milk ice cream (V,1,3,7)
  • Cinnamon Pavlova with red wine poached pears, mascarpone cream and spiced hazelnut dust.(V,GF,7,8)


We offer a communal cheeseboard including a selection of your favourite Irish artisan cheese, with homemade chutney, membrillo and biscuits.

Cheeseboard: (V,1,7)

Midnight Feast

We offer a very simple midnight feast; barbecued burgers, local sausages served in Blaas with relish.

V Vegetarian | GF Glutenfree | 1 Cereals containing gluten | 2 Crustaceans | 3 Eggs | 4 Fish | 5 Peanuts | 6 Soybeans | 7 Milk | 8 Nuts | 9 Celery | 10 Mustard | 11 Sesame Seeds | 12 Sulphor Dioxide and Sulphites | 13 Lupin | 14 Molluscs