We love weddings! It is an honour to be chosen to cook for your special day. We work with wedding couples to design a menu that suits their style. We have catered for weddings in Marquees; Hay sheds, on The Edge of a Cliff (handbrake on!), Private houses, Country Estates and Castles. Nothing is quite too unique for Eunice Power Catering - we have been asked to tailor our service to accommodate interspersed poetry readings throughout each course of the wedding dinner, we have arranged for childhood ice-cream vendors to serve dessert. Meticulous planning and attention to detail are what make Eunice Power Catering so special.

Once we establish what you want, your style and your budget, we work around you to make your wedding day exactly as you envisaged it to be and usually we exceed expectations. Once the menu has been planned we host a tasting menu to be doubly sure that the menu works and can be seamlessly executed.

Our professional service team is headed by Grace, who has, amongst other things stepped into the role of impromptu seamstress for a last minute wedding gown catastrophe, and taken on the task of writing the best man's speech after a gust of wind sent his prepared script into the outdoor swimming pool. She has the wonderful ability to smooth over any little (or large) crisis on the day; nothing is too much trouble for Grace and the team.

Wedding prices vary dependant on your preferences, your own personal likes and unique requests - our quotations and billing are completely transparent.

We are happy to organise wines for you, we don't charge corkage if you want to supply your own drinks. Elsewhere on this web site you can view photos and read testimonials from weddings we have catered.

In essence if great food served with style is your priority, look no further than Eunice Power Catering to tie in with tying the knot!